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I made a thing! As part of my evening self care practice after my daughter is asleep, I have been taking this precious time to do things that feel FUN. Things that nourish my SOUL. Typically, these are not work-related or anything that feels like a "should do". Every evening looks a little different, although the intention is the same. Some nights I might take a long, candle lit bath. Other nights I might journal as a way to go deeper into my subconscious. Most nights, however, I make things. Pretty things, ugly things, scribbles, doodles, or thought out projects like this one.

May this inspire you to make something fun, even if it's just out of paper and won't be a permanent piece of art! (Directions below)


1. Paint 2-3 sheets of watercolor paper (more if you want your hanging double sided)

2. Draw circles using compass or by tracing something like a cup

3. Cut out circles

4. Glue backs together if you want your hanging to be double sided

5. Cut out moon phase shapes & arrange

6. Punch holes and string together. I finished one of mine with a quartz point bead.

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