Red Fern Studio

Hello, Morgan here! I have been making art since I was a small child. I can remember drawing Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, illustrating stories, and painting from a "how to paint animals" book by the time I was 6 or 7. My first "when I grow up" dream job was an art teacher. 


The first jewelry I learned to make were hemp necklaces in the 5th grade, which my mother taught me how to do. Around the time I was getting my Bachelor in Arts degree, my mother and I sold our jewelry and other creations at craft fairs, farmers markets, and in local consignment stores. I opened my Etsy shop in 2015 with a dream to have a successful creative business, and was blessed with supportive customers from all over the globe. 


Fast track to now, my husband is now part-owner and my mother works beside me making our personalized bracelets. We absolutely love what we do. Having a hand in the experience of gift giving is especially rewarding, as many of our pieces are purchased as gifts. We love helping customers bring their creative ideas to life!

I love anything handmade, homemade, or homegrown. If offers an energy unlike anything factory made or mass produced. It comes with a story, told by the hands that created it. Many of us are looking for more meaning in our lives, and I believe we create that meaning for ourselves. Filling your home and adorning your body with small, meaningful items adds a richness to our experience that is hard to explain. Without words, it can be easily overlooked and forgotten and we start searching for meaning in external sources. It's not really about the stuff, it's about the feeling or the experience we get from that stuff. I hope our "stuff" offers you or a loved one many meaningful moments. <3

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Bay, Morgan, and our daughter Henley

Local Love:

picture by Laura Simon 

Grinding & sanding metal for the bracelets

We stamp one letter, number, and design at a time using metal stamps.

lots of love goes into each and every bracelet

Our fur babies Luna and JoJo, an (emotionally) integral part of the creative process

We love our job!!

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