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How I quit my day job

I am going to share my story with you, but keep in mind, the transition from job to entrepreneur looks a little different for everyone and depends on your current situation. You're going to have to take some risk, but it can be as minimal as you want it to be.

The end of my full time "big girl" job came rather unplanned when it became very apparent to my boss that I just couldn't take it anymore. We agreed that I would take 2 weeks and start looking for something else. I don't have children or any massive bills, so I was fortunate to be able to handle this.

At this point, I hadn't even opened my Etsy shop yet, but I knew that I wanted to go full speed ahead into turning my hobby into a career. I wasn't making any income with it yet, except here and there from in-person sales. As soon as I put my 2 weeks in, I connected with people. I sought out options. I was looking for flexibility, not full-time. I was looking for jobs that I could cut down on hours over time. Serving, house cleaning, helping family friends do whatever they needed. I had some savings to survive on, so I didn't need to fully replace my income right away. I took odd-end jobs whenever I could get them. I cleaned an office weekly. I worked at my mother-in-laws art studio, I helped build a deck for a friend over the summer. I had already contacted my former employer and knew I could take a waitressing position if I needed to. I made it work.

At the same time, I spent every waking hour thinking about and dreaming about my business. I spent all of my free time making jewelry and working on my Etsy shop and my website. I ordered business cards, I set up my shop policies, I learned SEO, I figured out how to make shipments. I had my mind made up that this was going to work. Others were doing it, so I knew it was possible.

Orders came in quicker than I could have ever hoped for. Every single one was so exciting. Three orders in one week! One order a day! Holy crap, five orders in one day!!! I was on a roll!

Once my orders found a consistent pace, I cut back on the other work I was doing. It was always there if I needed it. I always had a backup plan, which eased my mind.

Your story may look very different. You may need to save a lot and have income coming in prior to quitting. You may work nights and weekends building up your business. Just know this, my success came quickly because I was able to dedicate the time to it. Yours may come more slowly, but I promise it will be worth it. If you pick a business idea that you are passionate about, it won't feel like work. Stay excited. Stay inspired. This will carry you through the transition.



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