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Why Creative Expression is Essential

When we feel like we are authentically expressing ourselves, through the clothes we wear, through the art we choose to hang in our home, through the creation of a painting, a writing, a dance, a meal... when we feel authentic, when our creations come from something honest inside of us, We have an important need met. We are fulfilled in some deep way that we can't always explain. We feel seen, like really seen, for who we are INSIDE, not for who we think we should be. Authentic expression can be very vulnerable and takes courage because we are revealing a piece of our TRUE selves, a piece that may or may not fit in with society, with our family norms, with our social ideals. It may or may not be appreciated or even understood by most. But expressing it feels GOOD and RIGHT.

And when we can authentically express ourselves in any way, we feel more confident. This confidence fills a need that then no longer tries to fulfill itself through others. We no longer need others to validate us or to approve of us. When we feel more authentically confident, we can stand grounded in ourselves and look around at the world with loving eyes. We are no longer searching for that fulfillment outside of ourselves. That means we are able to see the creative expressions of many others and appreciate the diversity. We can see someone else's expression and know that they must feel good, too. In fact we WANT others to feel good like we do. We might even find ourselves drawn to encourage others to find their own form of expression and to share it honestly with the world.

If we all had the confidence that creative expression provides, we would certainly be less judgmental, more accepting of diversity, and more joyful.

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