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So you want to be an entrepreneur?

So you have finally admitted that working for someone else can suck, eh? So did I, and good for you!

Now what? Well, have you decided what you want to do? There are so many ways to make your own money these days! It is truly an amazing time to be alive. My FAVORITE way to get a feel for what goals I want to set is to dream. Day dream, that is. Get out a notebook and walk through your ideal day. Anything goes. No limits. If you limit your imagination, there is no doubt you are limiting your reality.

Start with when you wake up. How do you feel? Who is in bed next to you? Where are you at? Do you wake up with or without an alarm? Take yourself through your ideal work day. This exercise has helped me so so much, and I revisit it often. This dream is the ultimate goal. It provides a framework so you know what opportunities to say no or yes to.

▸ Want to wake up without an alarm? Don't start a habit at scheduling things at 8am.

▸ Want to have more free time with your family? Start learning how you can increase your pay without increasing your time.

▸ Want to go on more vacations? Consider how you will take time off without sacrificing your income.

You have an opportunity to sculpt your dream lifestyle (and don't worry, you are allowed to change your mind along the way). Dont' limit yourself here, you can make anything happen. If you don't believe me then start listing to Ted Talks and podcasts or read books on the incredible things people have accomplished and the businesses that ordinary people have built from the ground up. You will truly be amazed at what people have pulled off. Here is one of my favorite talks by Jack Canfield, the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. It's long so grab some headphones and prepare to get a lot of cleaning and laundry done!

Enjoy this phase, the inception of the entrepreneur. Dream big, and dream often. Get yourself super excited about what is possible. Listen to other people's stories. Build up as much motivation and excitement as you can muster. This will carry you through to your first small success, which can take time. This phase was nothing but pure joy for me. I worked long days but loved every second of it.

Have fun,


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