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Join Me - The Birth of an Entrepreneur

I am eager to start documenting my journey as a newbie entrepreneur. I am exactly 6 months into my Etsy shop experience and have had an INCREDIBLE response so far! I have made almost 200 sales online in 6 months, at a total of $6,200 (not including my in-person sales through craft fairs, markets, and local shops). I'm not giving you these numbers to brag; I have no doubt my success was fostered by a power much greater than myself. I am simply sharing my excitement and gratitude with you.

Most entrepreneurs that I follow are years into their business, and they are full of tips and tricks on subjects that I have not yet encountered. Not to discredit these people in any way! They are a wonderful source of wisdom and act as inspiration to what is possible. Some of my current favorites are Marie Forleo, Danielle Laporte, and Hilary Rushford. You should definately follow these people!! However, I am wanting to offer you insight into the very beginnings. The birth of an entrepreneur, if you will. Also, I will probably forget many of these insights in the years to come, as most of the entrepreneurs that I follow probably have, so I want to document them here :)

So please, join me on this journey into creating a life that I GET TO DESIGN. A life that allows me to make my own rules and set my own schedule. A life that allows me freedom to take vacations, have personal days, and spend time with my husband and (future) children instead of working to pay for their daycare.

Please join me by not only reading about my experiences and insights here, but by giving some real thought and consideration to your own dreams. What kind of life do you desire? What would be your dream job and lifestyle? DREAMING is the place to start. Every great endeavor starts with a dream that grows into a burning desire.



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