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Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about my jewelry, ordering, custom pieces, etc. 


Won't copper and brass turn my skin green?


Will the Brass or Copper tarnish or turn my skin green?

We apply a thick coat of clear metal sealer on all of our copper and brass bracelets to extend their wear without these issues. Eventually, however, the sealer does wear down. Once that has happened, you may clean the tarnish off with a jewelry polishing cloth and either wear it as bare metal if this does not affect your skin, or re-seal the piece with a clear metal sealer or even a couple of layers of clear fingernail polish. 

You can always ship your bracelet back to us and we will clean it and re-seal if for free (we just ask that you pay to ship it both ways).


How do I keep my copper and brass jewelry shiny?


The best way to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing is to keep the jewelry sealed in the air-tight bag that we provide along with the anti-tarnish tab when not in use. Use a polishing cloth made for jewelry to take off tarnish build up on sterling silver. Keep in mind that although we apply a sealer to our brass and copper pieces, it will eventually wear off. Once that has happened, follow the advice above to keep it bright and shiny or you can apply another sealer (like clear fingernail polish).


Why do you use copper and brass instead of plated metals?


Plated metals, such as gold or silver plated, typically do not tarnish like copper and brass do. However, the thin layer of plating tends to chip off over time. This can not be repaired easily without re-plating the entire piece of jewelry. Instead, we opt for copper and brass which, when shiny, closely mimic rose gold and gold in color. There are drawbacks but the jewelry can always be cleaned and will last a lifetime without major repair needed.

Additionally, Copper and Brass have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal and healing properties. These metals are not only essential nutrients in the diet (which can be absorbed through the skin), they also have electromagnetic properties that are known to have a positive effect on living tissue. Copper and brass (which contains copper) have been said to lower inflammation and ease pain associated with arthritis. 

How do I clean my sterling silver jewelry?


We do not recommend using harsh chemical cleaners on your sterling silver jewelry because it may remove intentionally darkened areas. Instead, it is best to keep the jewelry in the sealed bag we provide along with the anti-tarnish tab when not in use. Keep it away from moisture and remove it when showering/swimming. We sell jewelry polishing cloths in our Etsy shops that you can use to rub tarnish off. As long as the tarnish doesn't build up too much, it should be easy to remove. 



How can I order custom jewelry?


Many of the items listed in our Etsy shop (click the Shop tab at the top of this page) are customizable and will allow you to choose from different options when purchasing the item. You will be able to leave any further requests in the 'notes' section when you checkout. If you see something you like but would like it made a little differently, don't hesitate to message me on Etsy or Contact me (click the Contact tab at the top of this page) with any inquiries. 


How long will it take to receive an order?


We offer both ready-to-ship (already made) and made-to-order (made after you place your order) items. Read the description of the item in the Etsy shop carefully to determine if the piece is already made or not. If it is made-to-order, please understand that each piece is made by hand from scratch and takes time since we are a very small family business. Our production time (the time it takes to create the item BEFORE being shipped) varies throughout the year and is listed in the Etsy shop in the item description. The shipping method you choose only refers to the actual time it takes for the item to reach you once it has been made and put in the mail. If you need an item sooner, I may be able to accommodate you, just ask!

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